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Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Woman holding clear aligner in front of mouthCosmetic dentistry forms a major part of the dental profession. Usually when the term “cosmetic dentistry” is used, people tend to think that it is just restorative dentistry, which restores the functionality of teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is a vast term, and with such a term, the associated images that come to mind are mostly veneers and zirconia or ceramic crowns. There is much more to cosmetic dentistry, however. To have a great smile, Cascade Dental Care introduces you to Invisalign®, an amalgamation of aesthetic and orthodontic dentistry in an appliance that will bring you both comfort and treatment.

A Part of Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

A pretty smile is more than just a row of teeth. There is a fine balance between the shape and color of your teeth, and these qualities exist in harmony with each other to create a beautiful smile. Teeth present themselves in the context of the face of the individual, and as a dental office we are focused on a smile that compliments the face.

It is easy to maneuver teeth and change them into a more aesthetic smile. Ideally, the size and the alignment of the teeth should be in line with the mouth and lips of the individual. In our dental practice, any discrepancies between the smile of an individual and their facial features can be improved without subjecting them to extensive procedures and expensive cosmetic treatments.

As dental professionals, we deal primarily with two different kinds of smiles. A smile with a gap between teeth, called a diastema, gives the individual a gap-tooth smile. We also manage the complete opposite situation, a crowded tooth smile. This is where the teeth present in the arch are more than that space can accommodate. To aesthetically enhance such smiles without going for the more conventional braces with brackets, we can offer you Invisalign®.

What Is Invisalign®?

Invisalign refers to a cosmetic, conservative approach to orthodontics. CAD/CAM (computer-assisted design/computer-assisted manufacturing) technology and bonding techniques are used during this process.

Why Use Invisalign®?

Our professionals will design a personalized treatment plan which serves the cosmetic and functional purposes of our patients. With this technology, we can share the treatment plan with our clients, showing them the pre, during, and post-treatment images of their teeth. This plan can then be effectively implemented to align, move, and reposition teeth for a charming smile. With this advanced treatment, there is no need for conventional brackets and wires, which often pose a problem to oral mucous membranes, producing sore spots and ulcers.

Managing and maintaining oral hygiene with Invisalign® is easy because these are clear, removable retainers (also called aligners) that are ideally worn for 20-22 hours per day. This means you can remove them for some time - while eating, brushing, and flossing. The aligners can also be removed if you have a specific occasion coming up like a wedding or an interview.

This appliance is great for use because it combines both aesthetic/cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics, making facial and oral harmony possible. Invisalign® produces an amazing and elegant smile. Contact our professionals at Cascade Dental Care by calling 360-916-4200 today for a consultation.
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To have a great smile, Cascade Dental Care introduces you to Invisalign clear aligners. Contact our professionals at Cascade Dental Care today for a consultation.
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